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XtremIO X2 Specifications Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Internal Use – Confidential In-Memory Space-Efficient Copies – Thousands of space-efficient, writeable copies are supported per cluster, allowing the effective utilization of the array to reach multiple Petabytes.


The next-generation platform, XtremIO X2, builds upon unique features of XtremIO to provide even more agility and simplicity for your data center and business. Content-aware, in-memory metadata and inline, all-the-time data services have made XtremIO the ultimate platform for virtual

Achieve high performance with consistently low latency, uncompromising storage efficiency and zero-impact copy services with the Dell EMC XtremIO X2 all-flash storage array. XtremIO is the ultimate platform for modernizing today’s block storage workloads.

Dell EMC XtremIO X2. Bookmark. 1 person launched Solution Overview. The XtremIO Storage Array is an all-flash system, based on a scale-out architecture. The system uses building blocks, called X-Bricks. The system operation is controlled via a stand-alone dedicated Linux-based server, called the XtremIO Management Server (XMS).

XtremIO X2 is the latest in Dell EMC’s premier enterprise storage offerings, following up on the spectacular success of the previous generation of the XtremIO platform that set the benchmark for consistent performance, efficiency and agility with its unique content-aware, metadata-centric architecture and integrated copy data management (iCDM

May 08, 2017 · DellEMC XtremIO X2 – Part 2, The Hardware & Improved Data Reduction This post will cover the hardware in this innovation, so let’s start, There are two models in X2 Configuration

Dell EMC has announced XtremIO X2, the first major update to their mainstream enterprise all flash array in some time. While XtremIO was quick to hit $1 billion in sales and has added several new features like iCDM, there hasn’t been a hardware leap in several years. XtremIO X2 now brings to bear an all-new custom chassis and core software update, XIOS 6.0. While there are plenty of


XtremIO X2 is the storage platform designed to support all modern virtual data center objectives. Up to 80% better response times for VDI—all without compromising efficiency 1; 4 to 20 times data reduction using inline deduplication, compression, XtremIO Virtual Copies, and thin provisioning 1

Nov 13, 2018 · 当該ドキュメントは「Dell EMC Confidential – Internal Use」扱いになっていますが、もしもSolve Onlineにアクセス可能でしたら、XtremIO > XtremIO X2 (XIOS 6.x) > Service Scripts and Utilities > XtremIO Technician Advisorから入手してみてください。

Dec 04, 2017 · Hi, We have just released a new white paper highlighting the integration between XtremIO X2 to VMware vSphere. The paper will work you through the integration with the VSI plugin, AppSync, the ESA (VMware vROPS) adapter and an high level of the vRO adapter, all which are free! It will then walk you through

XtremIO X2 offers a landing zone on which channel partners can expand their clients’ data center infrastructures, Tanenhaus said. “If you can assign two or more workloads to XtremIO X2, it will

May 09, 2018 · A one-brick XtremIO X2 cluster only delivers 220,000 IOPS, with a 2-brick system doubling that, with around 500µs of latency. That’s much lower than PowerMax. That’s much lower than PowerMax. In fact, it’s in the VMAX 250F range.

HI Have a question when creating a volume on the XtremIO X2 when using the GUI. What changes are made to the XtremIO when selecting the relevant application from the drop-down list (EPIC, Hyper-V VMs, Oracle DB, Other DB, SAP, SQL Servers, VDI, VMware VMs, Other). Is

May 01, 2018 · The X2-T offers all the features and data services of the XtremIO family in a lower-cost configuration designed for the midrange. X2-T comes in a single X-Brick configuration that scales from 34.5TB raw up to 69.1TB raw or 369TB effective capacity given a 6:1 storage efficiency.

XtremIO X2は、モダン仮想データ センターのすべての目標をサポートするように設計されたストレージ プラットフォームです。 効率性を犠牲にすることなく、VDIのレスポンス タイムを最大80%向上 1

May 09, 2017 · DellEMC XtremIO X2 Tech Preview #2 – Native Replication How to achieve the desired RPO with replication with minimum cost Replicating data has always been a copying challenge in terms of achieving the required protection for the application.


The XtremIO X2 Storage Array is an all-flash system, based on flexible scaling options. The system uses building blocks called X-Bricks, which can be clustered together to

XtremIO X2 provides consistent high performance, incredible efficiency and more protection – now at a lower price point. But don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say ! You also won’t want to miss the new report in Storage Review report about XtremIO’s new native replication capabilities.

Dell EMC XtremIO X2オール フラッシュ ストレージ アレイを使用し、一貫した低レイテンシで妥協のないストレージ効率、ゼロ インパクト コピー サービスによってハイ パフォーマンスを達成します。

X2 is a different design to the original XtremIO in that we now support between 18 and 72 SSD’s per X-brick. This gives more control over the balance between performance and capacity, but it also means it can be a little more difficult to pick the “right” configuration for a specific environment.

May 08, 2017 · DellEMC XtremIO X2/X1 Management, Part 2, Troubleshooting. Innovation in Storage Troubleshooting with the new WebUI application The XtremIO Management java application was released together with the first release of the XtremIO All Flash Array.

XtremIO X2 Storage reinvented to unlock innovation and agility XtremIO X2. Purpose-built, all-flash storage array delivers always-on, flash-optimized data services. More Info Close Dell EMC XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array. Performance, Availability and Efficiency. Predictable and consistent high performance with low submillisecond latency

Deployment Guide—Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle with XtremIO X2 and Data Domain. This deployment guide describes the design and deployment of the mixed Oracle database environments that are tested in the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle using Dell EMC XtremIO X2

皆さんこんにちは。 Fortune 100にリストされる世界的大企業の65%以上が使っているというあのスーパーストレージXtremIOがさらにパワーアップ! その名もX2 。今度はどんなサプライズがあるのか、ミスターXtremIO達が貴方だけにお知らせします。

May 08, 2017 · Hi, I’m super excited to write these series of blog posts about the new XtremIO generation we have just announced, XtremIO X2. I won’t cover every aspect of the new product but rather try to give you my CTO’ish overview, if there is one

17 Oct 2018 Snapshot Changes in XtremIO X2. I’ve written previously about how Snapshots (and snapshot refresh) works in XtremIO.. With XtremIO X2 we changed the way a few of the snapshot-related concepts work in order to simplify things, as well as to add some additional use cases that were not possible previously.

EMC XtremIO Storage The base unit of the XtremIO X2 line is the X-Brick. XtremIO X2 X-Bricks are available in two types: X2-S and X2-R. X2-S configurations are used for virtual desktops with lower capacity requirements and high IO density.

Dell EMC XtremIO X2. Dell EMC’s XtremIO X2 is the manufacturer’s current generation of an all-flash midrange storage system designed for high performance with consistently low latency, storage efficiency and zero-impact copy services. Key Features. Ensures

When we released XtremIO X2 with XIOS v6.1 at Dell Technologies World 2018, we delivered XtremIO metadata-aware replication – the industry’s most efficient replication across a wide area network (WAN).Since then our innovation engine has continued chugging along full steam ahead! Latest release of XtremIO X2 hardware and software (XIOS v6.2) includes many great features, but I’d like to

Jul 18, 2018 · XtremIO X2’s metadata awareness enables high performance and efficiency for tasks such as VM cloning; clusters of two or more X-Bricks leverage redundant InfiniBand connectivity between storage controllers for low latency and high throughput.

Dell EMC XtremIO X2オール フラッシュ アレイ インテル ® Xeon ® プロセッサー Dell EMC XtremIO X2オール フラッシュ ストレージ アレイを使用し、一貫した低レイテンシで妥協のないストレージ効率、ゼロ インパクト コピー サービスによってハイ パフォーマンスを

Sep 21, 2017 · XtremIO Installation and Upgrade Guidelines Part 1 – For XtremIO X2 clusters XIOS 6.2.0-85_X2 is the target code for X2 cluster-types and is highly recommended for all new installs and non-disruptive software upgrades (NDUs). XIOS 6.2.0-85_X2 requires XMS 6.2.0-85

May 17, 2017 · X2. Now let’s look at X2. The published announcements and the details contained in Itzik Reich’s blog (CTO for XtremIO) show a capability of up to 72 drives in a new DAE (Disk Array Enclosure). The initial starting point is 18 drives, with SSDs added in packs of 6.

According to the XtremIO X2 spec sheet, XIOS 6.0 is released on X2 hardware, implying it is not available on X1 hardware. This is atrocious and demonstrates a lack of commitment to their X1 customers, especially given EMC’s stated intentions after the data destructive upgrade from XIOS 2.4 to

XtremIO X2の”Initiaors”に関してご教授ください。 XMSのGUIの”Configration”⇒”Initiaors”で、認識しているはずのHBAのWWNが、リスト として表示されませんでした。

解決済み: XtremIO の構成を担当しているのですが、構成作成後、各型番の具体的な機器の対応が分からず、 意図した構成が作成できているのか判断に困っております。 できれば、旧 VNX の頃のように、各部品の画像付きで説明されているような資料が

Jan 29, 2018 · This is a quick reference guide for the EMC XTremIO CLI (XMSCLI), including all of the commands for cluster monitoring, cluster operations, hardware management, volume operations, administration & configuration, and alerting & events.

Jan 22, 2018 · XtremIO X2 has addressed some of the shortcomings of the first platform. From a hardware perspective, there are now two configurations, the X2-S and X2-R. The X2-S model uses smaller drives (400GB), so scales from 7.2TB to a maximum of 28.8TB per X-Brick.

May 09, 2017 · The press releases are out there but they only cover the XtremIO announcement at a high level. It’s time for a deeper dive. At Dell EMC World, Storage Switzerland spent quality time on the XtremIO X2 update. It promises increased density and efficiency but it may present an upgrade challenge to existing customers. When EMC

Document XtremIO X2: False-positive “One fan in Fan pair labeled as xxx had failed” alert in XIOS versions 6.0.2-17 and below[2] XtremIO X2: False-positive “One fan in Fan pair labeled as xxx had failed” alert in XIOS versions 6.0.2-17 and below[2]

XtremIO (エクストリームアイオー)は、フラッシュの潜在能力を最大限に引き出し、常に安定した高レベルのパフォーマンスと、信頼性、柔軟性を提供するアーキテクチャのオールフラッシュ スケールアウト アレイ製品です。

Dec 28, 2017 · The XtremIO X2 X-Bricks offer a lower capacity entry point, improved scale out and scale up options and 5:1 data reduction rate. There’s also fewer cables to install and a host of other improvements, including an HTML5 interface!

Achieve high performance with consistently low latency, uncompromising storage efficiency and zero-impact copy services with the Dell EMC XtremIO X2 all-flash storage array. XtremIO is the ultimate platform for modernizing today’s block storage workloads.

Dell EMC ALL Flash スケールアウトアレイ XtremIOは、スピードはもちろん、4つの“S”を提供致します。 パフォーマンス、容量効率、フラッシュ寿命を最大化するアーキテクチャーを実装し、投資コストの最適化を実現致します。 XtremIO 筐体内ボリュームコピー

The X2 will be available to order from May 31st, 2017 and shipping from August 30th, 2017. XIOS 6.0 will be made GA on August 30th, 2017. Conclusion. I’ve been a fan of the XtremIO for a while now. It goes really fast and does some really cool stuff in terms of density, deduplication and performance.


XtremIO X2 Specifications 1 CMD – Cable Management Duct. optional. 2 These are X2-R values. For X2-S multi-brick weight subtract 8.5Kg (single bricks weigh the same) SPECIFICATION SHEET . 2 |

Dell EMC XtremIO X2 Updates. Perhaps the big news here is that the company launched a new Dell EMC XtremIO X2 entry-level platform that has the features of XtremIO X2 but is at a lower starting configuration and cost. Dell EMC realizes that there is a market for the XtremIO X2 all-flash array platform below the current offerings.

XtremIO X2 offers a 25 percent increase in the data reduction capabilities, and supports scale-up in addition to scale-out to let customers add additional storage densities to previously deployed

Manage storage – XtremIO System operation of the XtremIO storage array is controlled by a standalone Linux-based server called XtremIO Management Server (XMS). The XMS host is deployed as a virtual server (VM) on the VxBlock 1000 Management infrastructure. XtremIO

Jul 22, 2019 · The CSI driver connects Dell EMC XtremIO storage to Kubernetes environment to provide persistent storage. Note: For PKS deployment please scroll down to PKS Integration section. Platform and Software Dependencies Relevant Dell Products. The CSI driver has been tested with XtremIO X1 / X2 XIOS 6.2.0 and 6.2.1. Operating Systems Supported

May 09, 2017 · The X2 generation has three times the capacity of the previous XtremIO models, 80 per cent better response time, and an average 25 per cent improved storage efficiency. It

We hope you go armed into EMC World ready to listen, and understand where Dell is going with XtremIO X2 and VMAX-F. And in case you’ve heard – there’s a new, (more orange) //X in town. It’s 100% NVMe, and if you are considering any all-flash upgrade, you should give it a look !

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牌子还是EMC吧,毕竟有口碑,XtremIO系列就够了,不非得用PowerMAX。 这个级别的发电机大概尺寸是2米X2米X1米这个水平,重量1吨前后,可能你还要加固一下你地下室的地板。油罐尽享选稍微大一点的300L+的,安全期间不要用汽油的(不过似乎这个级别的发电机也


10 日前 · EMC XtremIO全快閃儲存家族,X2新世代提供更佳擴充性與效能 新款資料中心等級SSD上陣,英特爾3D NAND邁入第二代 強化I/O效能與可靠度,金士頓首款PCIe 3.0介面SSD上場

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